Friday, 21 February 2014

Italy 2014 - Raphael Gualazzi & Bloody Beetroots with Tommy Lee - Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu

OK, so strictly speaking this is cheating a bit, as the Italians aren't using Sanremo as their qualifying tournament this year. But man, it's Sanremo, the most insane song contest on the planet, and this clip is so unlikely that it certainly bears sharing.

So picture the scene. You've got Italy's Eurovision comeback kid Raphael Gualazzi at the joanna, Italio electro house monster Bloody Beetroots singing a bit too close to the mic, and flipping Tommy Lee on drums! Yes, Tommy Lee, of Mötley Crüe!

And what's more, they're doing Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare to you, chief)!  How in the damned heckness of heck did this happen?! It's the kind of shit that could only ever possibly go down at Sanremo. Gawd bless it and love it!

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