Friday, 14 February 2014

Estonia 2014 - Klounide - Eesti Laulu (Interval)

Tonight's first Eesti semi-final was it's usual fine batshit bonkers slice of left-handed Baltic showbiz. But for many, the standout moment of the evening wasn't one of the ten songs in competition. Nor was it the merciless roasting that the singers of Winny Puhh and Kreisiradio were giving those same songs between each performance.

Hope, the true highlight was the interval act. Not because it was any good, but because it was absolutely flipping terrifying!

The vague concept was that three singers dressed as clowns performed creepily oompah versions of popular songs from recent Laul yesteryear - although it was considerably more unsettling than you could ever imagine.

What the heck have they got lined up for next Friday?!

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  1. That wasn't the highlight. The highlight had to be Voorad! Share it on yer blog, man!

  2. The song's been up for weeks, man. I'll have to put tonight's performance up later.

    I thought it was ace until it wasn't just the rapper, meself.

  3. Clearly, Daniel Diges' dancers escaped to join the Voorad circus. ;)