Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ireland 2014 - Eoghan Quigg - The Movie Song

Remember funny little Ewok-faced Eoghan Quigg from the X Factor of a few moons back? You know, the one Harry Hill took a comedy shine to. Yes him. Well it turns out he's not just working down the local chip shop, he's got a song in the Irish Eurosong final too.

Well, when we say 'song', we actually mean 'slow dreary ramble'. But it's still the best song in their selection by a street. Mind you, it would only just about manage to qualify in a ten song semi-final.

More noteworthy for who he is than what he's singing, Paddy Power have him down as the clear favourite to bag a seat to CHN already. At least he'll be funny, I guess!

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