Monday, 3 February 2014

Iceland 2014 - Pollapönk – Enga Fordóma

The final five Icelandic songs were revealed this afternoon, and they were, like their close cousins the first five, a rather uninspiring bunch. However there was the one song that stood out a little bit from the rest, by a mob called Pollapönk.

It starts off with a nice soft-edged punky buzz, and you're thinking it might go somewhere a bit nice, then it suddenly gear changes to what sounds like Paper Lace covering the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a school maths programme in the seventies.

But once you've got over that horror you start to enjoy it again, and by the end you'll be clapping in gentle delight and wanting to hear it all over again. They do look worryingly wacky for men of that age, mind, so I do fear that!

******STOP PRESS******

The title apparently translates as something like No Racism. So we like it all the more now!

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