Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Belgium 2014 - Day One - Satellite

The Belgian knock out process is a somewhat staid affair, where a parade of nicey nicey singerators parade one after the other singing weak versions of Eurovision faves - well all shy of Petra that is, but we've seen her already.

But one act that is getting the fanboys all hot under the collar is this mob - the masked mystery people of Day One. Now the story goes that it's a well known local act hiding their identity until the very last minute. But of course, Eurovision fandom doesn't really know any well-known Belgian acts, so they're throwing an ever more unlikely list of past ESC nearly-weres into the frame.

Most of them are convinced that it's failed fan fave Kate Ryan, while a smaller lobby are convinced that it's the even less successful - Eurovision-wise at least - Alana Dante. And there's all manner of other even less likely suggestions flying into the fray. And while of course there is a vague chance that it might be one of the above, it's just as likely that it's someone that they've never heard of, who's actually far more famous.

Two things are clear though - that Belgium telly is getting far more coverage for this than their flimsy format merits, and that this mystery act, whoever they turn out to be, can pump out a pretty decent drum'n'bassy cover or two.

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