Friday, 21 February 2014

Estonia 2014 - Brigita Murutar - Laule Täis Taevakaar

Unusually for this funny old blog, I'm not putting this song up because it's insane, unlikely or devastatingly beautiful. Hope, it's here because it's just so incredibly disarming and likable.

Brigita here has no airs and graces. Instead she feels like the girl that was hanging about in the car park when the band got the call that the proper singer couldn't make it, so they asked her if she fancied standing in. It's its very naivety that provides the charm, despite the gurning musos in brown clothes, and a man who looks every bit like a mute child murderer on comedy regional instruments in the background.

And to many people's surprise it battled its way the the final - the only song of the ten qualifiers that didn't get the top five nod from the jury. The people of Estonia clearly like it - but enough to see it beat some more familiar names from their pop scene? Can't wait to find out...

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