Sunday, 23 February 2014

Belgium 2014 - Petra - Killer Touch

While I was out partaking in my other profession as a small spuds punk rock singer this evening, I suddenly received a barrage of messages all saying the same thing - you've got to watch this clip from Belgium.

Turns out it was our old mate Petra from Belgium, who offered up one of the first true good heavens moments of the season.

Imagine someone's nan vamping it up in a seniors burlesque version of Little Red Ridinghood, while two shiny men in wolf masks writhed a lot, before everyone's clothes fell off. The judges couldn't believe their eyes! I'm still not sure if this is joyful genius or unmitigated shite, but you'll almost certainly watch it twice.

Sadly it came last in its semi - poor old Europe, you'll miss out on this true doosie!

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  1. Here's the best moment of this performance...

  2. That's so bad, I feel personally offended that it happened.