Friday, 21 October 2016

Switzerland 2017 - Alex Angel - Angels

And the award for this year's most persistent Eurovisionist goes to... Alex Angel. Yes, not only does he have two songs in the Ukrainian process, plus one very slinky video in our very own British song selection pile (OGAE division), but he's found a back route into the supposedly closed Swiss process and entered in for that too! Good man!

And this time his style of video has changed too. Not for this song do we have cavorting young ladies in shiny kit, oh no. This time it's all about war! Yep, this clip looks like an advert for both NATO and a dodgy arms fair with all kinds of shooting and exploding going off everywhere. Quite how the famously peace-loving Swiss are going to take to that is anyone's guess.

But they might enjoy the song, though. It's a hard riffing rocker with high pitched vocals, somewhat reminiscent of the national metal band of the Cantons, dear old lovely Krokus! We're loving Alex's industry this year, and are collectively looking forward to finding out where he's going to deliver a song to next! And October is usually so boring in Eurovisionia!


  1. Maybe with all those bombs going off, Rykka really would be the last of her kind...

    I'll get me coat... :)

  2. He's one ahead of me, yet one behind me.
    I have one in Norway, Czech and UK.... though who is to say he isn't in there as well?
    Definitely has a bigger budget than me though!

    1. Ooh, let me know when you're allowed to publicly show them and I'll spread some word!