Friday 14 October 2016

Armenia 2017 - Alexander Plato - Monologue

After his initial performance proved so popular, delighting and bewildering Eurovisionia in equal measure, the lad Alexander Plato is scheduled to be performing on Depi Evratesil again this Saturday. And do you know what? We've got a sneak preview of the song hopes to be singing.

A regular reader of this pages noted that his previous effort would have been much better with a key change. Well this new piece has got them in bucketloads - sometimes shooting up the scales mid-word. Again, it gives us a wordy, opera-fuelled libretto, with occasional ventures onto the fringes of rock and prog, with difficult time signatures and soaring moments of some noisy beauty. Oh, and if the song's not to your taste, he takes his shirt off part way through. Something for everyone!

It's certainly not everybody's barrel of custard, and the judges will be ready for him this time, so we've got more than just our fingers crossed in the hope that he'll make it through to the next stage. But what a bold and interesting move this would be for Armenia to pick this chap. Do they have the nerve? Only time will tell!


  1. This looks and sounds amazing in the video - will Alexander will be able to repeat this in the studio enough to get those buttons pressed in his favour though? To be fair to Armenia, they did allow Iveta to go to Stockholm with LoveWave which could never be labelled as 'your stereotypical Eurovision entry'...

  2. I don't think it could possibly win if it ever got there. But I think I would love to see it there.
    Fingers crossed he performs it well live.