Thursday, 22 December 2011

Belarus 2012 - Victoria Aleshko - Dream

Last night's Belarussian semi-final was a bit of a let down. The usually brually reliable Nuteki sent in a toothless and half-assed indie pop groove, livelyists The Champions crashed and burned and there were far too many ballads - and not enough bonkers folklorick tunes.

Of the five that got through to next month's final, only Victoria Aleshko's effort had any real standout moments to it. Her hair looked so huge that I could swear it had a couple of its own moons, and a weird chord sequnce at the end was unlike pretty much anything I've ever heard at Eurovision.

Sadly, the canned applause got suspiciously louder when her rival finalist Alyona Lanskaya performed, so the final looks like a done deal already. So enjoy this one while you can!

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  1. After checking out five finalists, I actually understand why Alyona got huge applause. She actually has a great voice and the song fits her perfectly. It has great potential. I found Ms. Aleshko's attempt a bit... well... strange and somewhat dragging. It's more of a try-hard entry than anything else and the drama doesn't really peak properly. I know it will be a perfect toilet break for me, if by weird chance this actually does win and go to Baku. It's a no from me, sorry to say.

  2. Ah, but listen again - that applause was canned. you can hear when the actual crowd are cheering over the top of it now and again!

  3. I'm glad to see you liked "Dream" as well. It's absolutely stunning, and it's easily my favorite among those that made the finals. The only other song that really stood out to me was "Loveless" by Alexandra Haiduk & Natalia Baldina (which was robbed of a final position, by the way).