Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Azerbaijan 2012 - Hayyam Mustafazadeh - Molitva

Next year's hosts, rather than choosing some great national musical hero to show off about without having to worry about actually winning, are holding some manner of long and complicated casting show process to choose the singer for their hometown show. But of course, as we know from history, the winner isn't necessarily entirely the act that ends up on the Eurovision stage.

The winner of last week's show has got a bit of something about him though - if you happen to like over-serious men with voices so deep that all the birds fall from the sky when he sings. Witness his read-off-a-sheet version of that little Serbian lad's winning song from 2007, and watch your eye jelly rattle.

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  1. Ah yes... it's definitely the singing style of ex USSR....

  2. He sings horrendously and can't read Serbian..