Thursday, 29 December 2011

Albania 2012 - Rona Nishliu - Suus

Albania have chosen, and they appear to have sent a Gungan from Star Wars in some considerable pain.

Larking aside, they've gone for a really quite difficult ballad, sung fantastically, passionately and somewhat screechily, that will really, really annoy the Eurovision fan boys! Good work in my book!

I love it, but be warned - have fingers poised near ears, and remove all razorblades from the proximity before listening...

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  1. Honestly, couldn't have said it better myself!! I can't wait for the edited version and (hopefully) translation, because I think it would work much better in English...

  2. Actually I think in this case, Ido, I prefer not knowing. I rather like the mystery of what she's getting quite so worked up about.

  3. She's probably moaning on her miserable life or some guy that ditched her... I say "build a bridge and move on"... Have you checked the three options for Cyrpus yet? would be curious to see what you have to say...

  4. Well if everybody did that then there'd surely be no Eurovision!

    And as for Cyprus, Ido, I didn't merit any of the three songs either good enough, bad enough or interesting enough to get on these pages. Like a trio of rejected Kelly Clarkson album tracks - none too dreadful, but none that are terribly exciting either. I suspect La La Love will be the fan fave, mind...

  5. Agreed on all accounts... until we hear them sung live we won't really know, but for now, at least it seems that Cyprus won't embarrass themselves...