Sunday, 15 February 2015

Serbia 2015 - Bojana Stamenov - Ceo Svet Je Moj

The Serbian final was a sparse affair, whereby three specially selected acts warbled out some songs all apparently written by the same chap, to varying states of interest. One chap staggered about in front of some slightly more dynamic backing lads while he gargled a mid tempo tune. Then a young girl sung a fragile but unmemorable ballad, before a fullsome lass belted out a whole-hearted Euroclub fave.

Thankfully, the last of the three bagged the seat on the plane to Vienna with full marks after some extraordinarily unexciting voting. We're pleased about that here, as it was the only one of the three with a bit of go in it.

A number of messageboard nitwits have already likened Bojana to Chiara - which of course is both nonsense and insulting nonsense. This girl's got a spark of soul in her boots, and if they ditch the silly seen-it-twice-before projecto-dress we'd hope to see her in the final come 23 May. No winner by any means, but we're pretty pleased she's there.

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