Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Finland 2015 - Norlan El Misionairo - No Voy A Llorar Por Ti

Now what immediately springs to kind when you think of Finland? Cold, frosty lakes, vast pine forests, and incredibly tall blonde people who drink a lot, usually. But possibly not Cubano Reggaeton.

Yep, I got a bit overwhelmed in the excitement of PKN qualifying, and completely missed the face that this unlikely little tune also glid into the next round of the Finnish process. And I must say, I wasn't exactly expecting a portly Caribbean chap barking out the Reggaeton rhymes to a slightly watered down skip beat - in Spanish!

It's a flipping revelation, and what with my punk boys and those pop waistrels Satin Circus getting through to the next stages, UMK already has a more exciting final line up thanjust about anywhere else - and they've hardly got going yet! Woo hoo!

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