Friday, 6 February 2015

Denmark 2015 - Tina and René - Mi Amore

With the Danish final coming over the horizon we thought it might be nice to have a little skip through the songs to see if there was anything worth following. It was depressing to discover that there wasn't a single one that encouraged me to listen too far past the formula intros. But one song did perk the attention just a tad - and it probably wasn't for the right reasons.

So Mr G:son, you just sanded the edges off your, erm, 'much-loved' entry from 2010 and hoped that nobody would notice the difference, did you? Or have you finally run out of ideas? I really can't work out if this is cynical, tragic or bloody hilarious.

See how many points of difference you can spot...


  1. I think you mean the 2010 entry.

  2. You're quite right, Shai. Maths was never my strongpoint. I shall amend that immediately. Thanks for the spot.