Sunday, 1 February 2015

Iceland 2015 - Björn Og Félagar – Piltur Og Stúlka

This qualifier from last evening's Icelandic semi-final is troubling me. The general witterings on the fan forums are stating what a cliched and by-the-numbers effort this song is. But watch again. Look at their faces just a little closer.

That intense sincerity. Those perfectly in unison air grabs. The sickly sweet smiles - unless I've got something terribly wrong and they're actually evangelical christians, this is some manner of comedy skit laden heavily with knowing irony, isn't it?

But then that presents its own problems. Does that then make it a clever and welcome bit of parody of an hoary old genre, or just another half-baked attempt by some clever-clevers to subvert the contest that no one has really understood?

Can of bloody worms.

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