Friday, 27 February 2015

Moldova 2015 - Vitalie Todiraşcu - Tu Singura

While we were so busy gently ribbing poor old Kitty Brucknell for only managing to harvest a slightly embarrassing 88 votes in the first Moldovan semi-final, we completely forgot to notice this beleagured chap.

While he may have roped in a slightly-more-respectable 189 votes in the first round, his combined total of jury and punter votes left him as the only contestant with no points on the board going into the final public vote off for the final finalist. And that's where things began to get really sad.

Because poor poor Vitalie here only managed to reap in a further ten votes in the second stage of voting. Yes ten. One more than nine. I've been to a Moldovan semi-final, and the contestants were rapidly voting for themselves in the green room, so you'd have thought the fella himself would have been able to fire off at least a couple of dozen in that time. But ten? Had his friends and family deserted him by that point? Did no one at work fancy seeing him in the next round? Surely someone in some village in the back of beyond must have enjoyed his sombre ramblings?

But no. Ten votes. Mind you, it is a bit of a dirge. And to think, they could have had Wounded Swan instead of this!

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  1. That was my test for the Moldovan semi-finals: "is this song better than Wounded Swan?" Most of the time the answer was no, which just made me angry.