Monday, 16 February 2015

Latvia 2015 - Aminata – Love Injected

The final four for next Saturday night's Supernova in Latvia are looking pretty strong. We've already seen featured two of them on these pages, but by far and away the favourite among both bookies and fans is this spacious little groove.

Aminata may look no taller than a beetle, but her tiny frame hides an earthy, dreamy voice, and her song is a complex yet current blend of contemporary dance styles. Despite its sparse production it's still nowhere near as ethereal as Mntha's tune in the same final, but is considerably more accessible to the man and lady on the street.

It's impossible to predict how well it would do if it made it to the big show in Austria, but we fear it may struggle to fight its way out of a semi - but that doesn't mean we wouldn't be glad to see it there... even if we do like two of the other songs slightly better.

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