Friday, 27 February 2015

Ireland 2015 - Molly Sterling - Playing With Numbers

After a long, and at times knuckle-grawingly cringeworthy Eurosong final, the Irish have done something almost unspeakable and picked a pretty decent song.

I must confess I wasn't much taken with this when I heard the clips and saw the video, but Molly's performance tonight in the studio was subtle and nuanced, unlike many of her over sung and poorly performed competitors.

And most important of all, it felt current - something an Irish song hasn't really felt since at least the 70s. And while I'm not sure this has got the legs to finish too highly on the saturday night, I've got a sneaking feeling that it will at least make it to the big show. How the heck did that long old clump of a show pull something this sweet out of the bag at the last minute?

1 comment:

  1. Being Northern Irish, I tend to side with whichever nation (UK or Ireland) has the least terrible song. I can't see this being a success, but it's a decent song and she has an interesting vocal style. If nothing else, at least it has a bit of heart behind it.