Monday, 2 February 2015

Latvia 2015 - ElektroFolk - Dieva Dēli

So we appear to have a new genre now. Not so much electro folk as turbo prog! Good heavens this stood out like a sore thumb in last night's first Latvian Supernova show. In among all the chat, some more chat and a whole load of songs written with a Eurovisiony ear, only a couple of songs really stood out Mhnta for it's goodness, Catfish for its ludicrousness, and this odd little belter.

The intro didn't bode well, mind. A muso session bassist shows off with a bit of noodling twang before it picked up then went all electro Steeleye Span on us. Then after the neo-medieval chorus flew by it hit a seriously proggy breakdown before somehow getting even weirder on the final run in.

And do you know what? The crowd absolutely loved it. Biggest ovation of the night. And the folks at home agreed too, as it appeared to reap in more tele votes than the rest of the next five combined. Fear this. Fear it like disease. For it may conquer. At least it will confuse the heck out of the fanboys who are already struggling to pick a genre to hang on it. Although to be fair, that's not an easy task...

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