Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Germany 2015 - Faun - Hörst Du Die Trommeln

The German wildcard round once again failed to live up to its promise as a bearer of great goods, instead preferring to choose a small gaggle of easily malleable teen girls and shiny-faced boys to fill up the quota. Boo to them! Why even bother having all those categories if you don't ever other picking anyone from them. I mean, Dancing Shoulders - hello!!!

Ahem… So we're left to the chosen seven to provide an scraps of interestingness once more. But my, they are again a pretty staid lot. The only act offering any possible flavours of strangeness are a gaggle of German medievalists called Faun. Playing only instruments that you can neither spell or find in your high street music shop (that's a hurdy gurdy on the left, in case you wondered), they creak out a pleasant enough heritage sound - but manage to look exceptionally creepy as they go about it.

This is rumoured to be one of their two songs for the final. Part of me would love to see it get through, just for the unlikely cultural juxtaposition of it all, while the other part is absolutely terrified of them. Well, have you seen The Wicker Man?

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