Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Norway 2015 - Tor & Bettan - All Over The World

Take one of Norway's most successful Eurovision performers of all time, team her up with one of their least successful, feed them a saccharine-sweet song that even a charity would turn down for dewy-eyed optimism and fast forward it twenty years to the present day and voila - MGP gold!

Elizabeth Andreassen's perky charm may still shine through the years, but poor old Tor Endrasen has never lived down his failed attempt, but together... together the effect is a tooth-rotting confection with more pain inducing rhyming couplets than a Moldovan non-qualifier. But still, somehow, the effect is utterly charming.

There will be few more popular acts in the hall come MGP finals night, but will goodwill and nostalgia pull these two old-stagers through? Or are they just up for a mid-table pat on the head just for being there - and still being - decade more co temporary than Contrazt? Who can say? But I do k ow that I'll especially looking forward to seeing this one on the big night - if for no other reason than to see that ever-so-slightly awkward senior flirting!

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