Tuesday 20 February 2024

San Marino 2024 - Loco Boombox - In Forma


One of the ways to identify who the truly hardcore members of Eurovision fandom are during national selection season is to find those who watch every last minute of the Samarinese semi-finals. There's just so much wonky outsider beauty on display that it's almost too much to watch a whole show at one time without being absolutely flabbergasted.

Indeed, it's often tricky to pick out just one special moment from amongst the hopeful masses who buy their way onto the show in the hope that this might just be the thing that escalates into superstardom. (Clue: It probably won't). But in this year's first show (of 31!) there was only one artist truly worthy of a spot on these pages - Señor Loco Boombox!

Apparently Spanish, he looks more like a hyperactive fitness coach rather than any kind of pop star, yet still he shone out like a beacon alongside all the drab mid tempo plods and women in sparkly frocks who couldn't sing a note. Of course, he didn't get anywhere near qualifying, and the final stages of this contest is a far less interesting place because of it. But we can only hope that he tries again another year, cos this really was a bit special! Loco Boombox, we salute you as a true Apocalypse hero!

PS Apologies for having to watch this through some giggling Spaniard's formatting with the sound down, but this is the only version that I can find on the internets at the moment - and this really needs to be seen! If you can find a less reactiony version, please do pass it our way!

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