Sunday 18 February 2024

Estonia 2024 - 5miinust + Puuluup - (Nendest) Narkootikumidest Ei Tea Me (Küll) Midagi


An important but oft-overlooked record was broken in Estonia last night - that of the longest ever song title ever to reach the Eurovision stage. Yep, beating the previous record holder (San Marino's curious 2012 confection The Social Network Song - (Oh Oh - Uh - Oh Oh)) by a clear six characters, (Nendest) Narkootikumidest Ei Tea Me (Küll) Midagi is now top of a pile mostly inhabited by wordy French titles of the sixties. We feel the contest is far better off because of it!

But what does it all mean? Well the direct translation is, ahem, "We (do) know nothing about (these) drugs", and the song itself seems to be a lament about being constantly mistaken for drug addicts by rural police just because they're ruffians in a rap band. All sounds pretty reasonable to us - we've lived that scenario ourselves, and can confess that it can get pretty tiring.

The song itself more than lives up to the content in the lyric - and who can beat a line like "I don't know drugs, I know soda and cider"! - a stompy collab between locally huge rave rap stompers 5 Miinust (5 Minus) and the dark and artsy neo folkers Puuluup (Wood Scoop). None of the above ingredients would work in pretty much any other place on this good planet Earth than the Eestilaul stage, so let's embrace it's glorious nonsense, learn the dance routine - and it's a belter - and just have fun with it. Because, y'know, fun is great!

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  1. LOVE IT and the dance moves could even be learned and managed by my fat old lady bod!