Thursday, 27 February 2020

Israel 2020 - Eden Alene - Roots

On an unusually busy midweek day in Eurovisionia, Israel revealed the four songs that are going to battle it out at their national final. All sung by bright new star Eden Alene, an Israeli of Ethiopian heritage, they're a mixed bag of demure plodders, folksy popsters and the obligatory one that's got a homeopathic amount of Fuego DNA in it (which they'll probably pick). The the one that most endeared itself to our ears was this little curio.

It's got a little bit of everything. Traditional dewy-eyed Israeli looks to the past, a promising pop build, and the most unexpectedly banging pop hop chorus with a squeaky voice that straddles the fine line between incredible and really bloody annoying. But we sit firmly in the camp of the former opinion.

It almost certainly won't be for anyone, and it's surely the least likely to be picked of the quartet, but we're really glad it's there, because this is likely to be the most entertaining visual spectacle of the lot, and offers a change for Ms Alene to showcase her considerably versatile talents.

Altogether now... "I love my rooooots!"


  1. Just because you liked this song the most, I chose to listen to it last. I actually love all four songs but having a Doron Medali/Idan Reichel song in the mix makes me think that Teddy Productions already chose their winning song. Having said that, this song is written by Nathan Goshen (very popular singer/songwriter) and Stay Begger of Toy fame. So you know what... I think it's anybody's game. I thing that Roots probably has the most potential to create a moment.

  2. Another thing that is important to mention is that Rakata (which interestingly enough is an amalgamation of two words in Hebrew that mean Only (Rak) You (Ata in male form) in its entirety is very much what is currently happening in Israeli pop.

  3. I reckon they've all got the possibility of doing OK - but you know what I usually like 'em better unhinged!