Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Moldova 2020 - Carolina Rakoviță - Dancing In The Sunrise

Songs and performances find themselves on this blog for all kinds of different reasons. Many are so heart-achingly beautiful or bold that we just have to share the joy, while others are so knuckle gnawingly awful that we could never not show them too you. And then there's the delightful outsiders that we frequently champion who just need a little bit of love.

And then there's performances like this that deserve a wider audience than the half dozen hardy souls who tuned in at a weird hour to watch their no frills audition performance. Clips that don't really fit into any of the usual categories, but that are still worthy of a look.

Witness Ms Ra here as she stands rooted to the spot, staring into the middle distance like she's part of a hostage deal, dressed like children imagine pop stars dress. The song itself is a standard middle European pop banger with all the usual cliches and regular riffs rolled in. But it's when Carolina begins to dance in the farty trumpet bits that this all really begins to catch fire.

And because this ended up on the Moldovan rejection list you'd never be likely to see it again,  so we thought we'd bring the splendid one more time, to see if you'll be able to copy the gal's signature moves. And boy is she fierce!


  1. I'm not going to say much, only that I've been working on the moves and believe it will become the next Zumba. I'm going to make that happen.

  2. Don't forget the cold, dead facial expression while you thrust those hips!