Monday, 19 February 2018

Latvia 2018 - Mionia - You

I was a bit behind catching up with some of this weekend's songs, and I was reading a heck of a lot of comments from folks saying what a lovely song this was and how beautiful Mionia's voice was. So understandably it was at the top of my catch up list when I finally got to sit down and have a good listen. But oh my days... One can only assume that none of the those people giving her vocal stylings were from the United Kingdom - or even ever visited for more than a long weekend - because wowsers her accent is shocking.

How so? Well remember how that German Lena clearly though that she was channeling her inner Kate Nash, but it actually sounded more like someone kicking a poorly dog? Well Mionia comes across as someone trying to sound like Lena kicking Kate Nash - with the expected horrifying results.

Now our international readers may be wondering quite what's so bad about it all - and to be fair to you all, if you love it then she's done her job perfectly. But if you're of these isles, those strangled vowels and variable regional accent attempts are like someone dragging their nails down a blackboard. Whilst screaming.

Now I don't want to do the girl a disservice. There's a really beautiful song in there fighting to get out, and when she's not singing "Luv" like a comedy Scouser, or over annunciating her hard consonants she's actually got a pretty decent voice. I just wish that she's kept to her own accent and didn't mess about with all that funny business.

You watch. It'll turn out that she's actually from Leeds now, and won't I look a fool!

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  1. OMG Nick and I were watching this at home. Nick couldn't stop laughing and I still have to rub my chin from the pain inflicted by the floor. It's astounding. What's astounding about it is just how layered it is. Here you have a woman that is clearly misguided trying her absolute best to be good by (naturally) mimicking either her own taste in music or what's trendy. I remember in my early days of (not having) singing lessons I used to do the same. Only after time passes and you and your voice grow together and you meet various professionals within the industry will you start to actually have a voice of your own. Or in Mionia's case - not. I almost can't blame her, but I totally should, because she should know better. or the people who care about her and her choices.