Sunday, 4 February 2018

Hungary 2018 - Reni Tolvai - Crack My Code

Dear Reni here has been a good friend to this blog over the years. Her shows are usually glorious nonsense fests, and her fans love reading every possible word about her. So we were rather exited to see what she was likely to do with this one, seeing as it had more personalities than a bus load of roid raging bodybuilders. But oh my heavens were we in for a surprise.

First up she plugged straight in with the old hands-of-dancers-stood-behind-you-looking-all-Eastern -like trope that's been making close observers of the contest sign disappointedly for some years now. At least the neon fans were a nice touch. But wait, are they actually busting a full on Eastern vibe here? That jaunty hat Ms Tolvai is wearing looks a touch clichéd cartoon Chinese. Camera pans out... OH. MY. GIDDY. AUNT! What was she thinking?

The two dancers emerge - one actually from proper Eastern climes, the other clearly not, but done up like stereotypical ambiguously somewhere from out that way. But there's worse. Two of the backing singers are wearing lit up versions of what we in the West refer to as Coolie Hats, and then there's a gurt big projection of a Chinese/Japanese/somewhere unspecific-ese temple in the background!

Heck! How does this happen in this day and age. It's not even culturally insensitive, it's just a bit rubbish - a lot rubbish, actually - and the kind of thing that Benny Hill would have left on the cutting room floor as being ill-advised.

And then it goes all weird. Some cod rapper of sorts begins pacing about, the Eastern chords begin to plink out, and Reni herself develops a weird Budapest-on-the-Bronx accent and starts bobbing about to such an extent that her hat nearly falls off.

In this game, you usually expect just the one terrifically terrible thing in a song - two if you're lucky. But we lost count halfway through with this one. Yes, it's that knuckle-gnawingly terrible. Poor show, Reni. I hope you come back with something a little more, well, less next time.

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