Sunday 12 March 2017

United Kingdom 2017 - Lucie Jones - Never Give Up On You

So we were all quite pleased when the winner of the UK show turned out to be actually quite decent, and sung by a capable pair of lungs. But then word of a remodelling started floating about in the air and we all got a little anxious again. Well we've seen in the past songs that we've previously loved being 'improved' to within and inch of their lives. But we should have worried, because last night's Super Saturday reveal delivered us a thing of some sparse beauty.

I'd always been rather fond of the song, ever since I first heard it in demo form back in November. It was sparse and understated, and gave the lyric room to breathe. It was as if it was crafted from fine woods rather than the plastic, tin and neon of many of the other songs. The national final version had stepped up again, replacing EDF's breathy vocal with the more assured larynx of Lucie Jones. But now we've gone up another notch.

Word had got around that this was something of a Massive Attack style makeover, but this is pure London Grammar. Glacial spaces distil into sharp points of cool light, and the heart really pours out of it. At one moment I feared that it was going to step up into a dance tune, but instead it geared down and soothed our fears. But how should it look?

This song just screams for close intimate cameras, simple lighting - just darkness and white, and absolutely no single other soul in camera shot. We need to see Lucie's pain and hope close up, feel her every thought, and live the song with her. This is still probably not a winner of the whole caboodle, as there's some strong stuff on the tariff overall, but if they keep it uncomplicated and sparse this could do very well indeed, and give us a result to be proud of.


  1. Still very hopeful of our best result since Jade in 2009...

    My other half Ellen is not keen about what she is wearing in the video - apparently none of it suits Lucie at all! Unfortunately that view is compounded when you see that Timebelle are the next video up, with Miruna Mănescu looking amazing in every classically cut dress she wears...

  2. I always thought the original version needed a revamp, and this is quite a good revamp.
    Playing to the strength of the song and the singer and not overdoing it.

    For the 1st time in many years, the BBC got it right in terms of the song.Now get the staging right and you are up for a very good result.

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