Thursday 12 November 2015

Georgia 2015 (Junior Eurovision) - The Virus - Gabede

Junior Eurovision is nearly upon us, and while it offers the usual cast of talented pop poppets and waaaay to many colours, there's always the odd chunk of Apocalypse fodder to enjoy. And with that in mind, welcome to The Virus.

This, ahem, infectious little number may take well over a minute to get going, but it's worth the slightly unnerving beneath-the-bedsheets prelude to help you get into the spirit of the song. And yes, it's a stomper!

Witness the chunky young lad and his three female pals sneak out of the house after bed time and take residence in a musical instrument emphorium. And while we wouldn't ordinarily encourage minors to get involved in breaking and entering small businesses, in this case we'll let them off, as it's throughly, enjoyably bonkers! Do enjoy!

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