Wednesday 25 November 2015

Belarus 2016 - Sweet Brains - Dance Like Zombies

Cast your mind back to around this time last year when a cheeky trio of the undead attempted to enter the theme tune from the phone-based game Plants Vs Zombies into at least three national finals. They nearly got away with it in their home nation of Belarus, too, until someone happened to point out both the age and commercial history of the song. Boo to the splitter, we say!

But now their back, with what to the best of my knowledge is an original song (although what's truly original these days anyway, eh?) - although you are all very welcome to set me right if it's not. They're still banging out the PvZ schtick - only this year with a more flowery Day Of The Dead sheen to their shiny masks, but sadly their song's not a patch on last year's borrowings.

Still, you have to admire their pluck, and I like to hope that they were playing the long-game last season, setting up a punt for a serious stab at pan-European glory this year. I wonder what the dear leader is going to think if THIS gets through? If you thought the voting took ages on a normal year in Minsk, this could get glacial!

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