Thursday, 16 January 2014

Spain 2014 - Ruth Lorenzo - Love Is Dead

Remember Ruth Lorenzo, that large-voiced Spanish lass of X Factor a couple of years ago? We'll she's clearly had her fill of doing the Butlins tour, and gone back to her native land and entered their national final. Or at least she claims to have.

Despite no one having actually heard of her in the land of her birth, shy of her mum and a couple of cousins, not only has she somehow wangled her way onto the short-list, but her song's actually pretty decent.

It's a big old rocked up ballad, with proggy chord changes and a chorus nicked straight from the bins round the back of Matt Bellamy's gaff. I really wouldn't begrudge this being their entry at all - although anyone Iberian will remotely care about her is another matter entirely.

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  1. Story has it now that this is a spot of wishful thinking by a bunch of Spanish ESC fans who've knocked up this video in order to curry favour with TVE. There's a lot of it about this week!