Sunday, 12 January 2014

Belarus 2014 - Elena Sinyavskaya - Via Lattea

We appear to have our first fan favourite of the season, and truth be told it's a belter!

You come to expect a few hi nrg pumpers with an operatic warble over the top, but this turbofies the concept to the max. Every last archetype gets ploughed into the well worn furrows, but somehow it comes out sounding euphorically huge.

Even her rabbit-in-the-headlights look, nans hair and slightly shakey vocal on the night couldn't kill it. At times she may have hit notes that could burst a dog's eyes, but at others she evoked the spirit of Jessie Matthews and host of other Bakelite rich matinee songstresses. Such a shame it didn't even come close to bothering the top of the scoreboard!

One suspects we'll be hearing this at Euroclub on more than a couple of occasions come Spring...

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  1. Haha, but that is the studio audio dubbed on to her live show performance. She sadly did not sing anything like this well... see for the performance audio... the last note in particular is excruciating!

  2. Well it was more like a number of notes. And how about that one in the middle that only dolphins could hear properly! Splendid!

  3. Does anybody have the lyrics of that song?