Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hungary 2014 - 2Beat or Not 2Beat - Come On Babe

Excerpt from a meeting at the A Dal production office in Budapest, a couple of months ago:

“So, we're looking for enough acts to fill three ten song qualifying heats to choose the song that will show the whole of Europe how forward thinking and advanced the Hungarian music scene is. We want acts that are fresh, current and exciting. Got any ideas, Gabor?

“Well there's this great band I saw in a dingy club in Pest last week, sir.”

“Tell me more, boy…”

“Well they were a Beatles tribute act – but they play their own songs. Their frontman is a ringer for Paul, sir.”

“The Beatles, you say. Everyone loves The Beatles. I assume the do the cool stuff. Y'know, Sergeant Pepper, White Album era, that kind of thing?”

“No sir. It's strictly Cavern era beat pop. It send the girls crazy bonkers!”

“Oh well, I suppose anything is worth a pop.
Get them booked. Now, is that girl Bogi still in the business? The Britishers are always chattering about her...”
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