Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Latvia 2014 - Mad Show Boys - I Need A Soul Twin

Around a week back, while telling you about the knuckle-gnawingly poor lyric on the Latvian hopeful Cake To Bake, I alluded to the fact that it wasn't in fact the worst bunch of words on the running order of that nation's selection process this year. No, there were some rhyming couplets that were even more cringeworthy, and this is that very beast.

Back then the artists were being kept secret - so imagine my dismay when I discovered that the perpetrators of this lyrical crime were none other than the Mad Show Boys - the crew behind the sublimely smart Latvian near miss Music Thief from 2012.

Was that a fluke? Or are we likely to see some more witty visual riffing when we finally get to witness it in solid form? Who can say at this point. But you'll be adding in your own painful famous pairs long before this rotter of a song finally peters out. Boys, you've let me down. You;d better be brilliant on the telly!

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