Monday, 27 January 2014

Germany 2014 - Tim Peters - Limit

So, Germany are going about it all in a strange way this year. First up they invited seven acts of variable renown to take part in their final, while throwing open the eighth spot to public application. A rather reassuring 2240 tunes where hence submitted, and those strange folks known as 'music industry insiders' will have the daunting task of sifting through them to find their favourite ten, which will then go forward to some manner of mini final, with the winner bagging the coveted eighth spot.

Got that, good!

I've not been able to hack my way into the long list to see what goodies are inside yet, but I have had this little drop of electropop goodness pointed my way from the list by the apparently up-and-coming young minstrel Tim Peters. It's no world beater, for sure, but I rather like its electronic chunkiness. See what you think.

Right, time to get back to trying to crack that German vault...

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