Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Moldova 2014 - Sasha Bognibov - My Lesbian Girl

In what's turning out to be a pretty ordinary Eurovision year so far, something has just happened to rewarm the cockles of my heart.

Sasha's back.

Not only that, but he's revisiting a few of his earlier themes, and when coupled with a new found vocal confidence, could this be the year that we finally see him take the national final slot that he so richly deserves?

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  1. For the 8th consecutive time I have filed my candidacy for Eurovision. I have submitted the 13th song on the account for this competition. There is no other singer in the world who has presented so many songs for this contest. I think it is worthy to highlight this fact.

  2. Thank you for doing so, Sasha! I didn't realise it was so many!

  3. Sasha's in the House! Greetings from Mexico, you have a big fan here.

  4. In Moldova, Russia, Romania there is discrimination of gays, lesbians, bisexulas and no ordinary people, people with an interesting style, hairdress, etc. Probably some of you do not know about it, that is why some of you don't understand. Everything is ok in well-developed democratic countries, but in MD, Russia, Romania, etc. there are many unsolved problems.

    1. Нет тут никакой дискриминации. Все у нас нормально. Их никто не бьет, не убивает, не сжигает.
      Проблемы половых отношений не должны выходить за стены спальни. И нефиг устраивать парады гомосексуалистов, трансов и прочих отклонений. Я рад что остались еще страны, в которых правит здравый смысл. Для тех, кого не устраивает - существует эммиграция :)

  5. While the UK (and indeed much of the West) isn't quite as rosy as you may see it from MD, the LGBT scene has become considerably safer and more mainstream over here during the last 30 years. Things aren't as bad as they are in the countries you mention, by a long way, but believe me, there's still a long way to go in the West!

  6. As a Mexican, i still see HUGE problems for the LGBT community here. Mexico has a very prominent double standard when it comes to sexuality and personal freedoms, and it is definitely way more conservative than you could think. Humanity always pushes forward, and eventually more countries will be open to women's rights, LGBT rights and equality in general, so i have a lot of hope for countries like Moldova and Romania to make progress in those areas; and Roy is completely right, there's still along way to go in countries like US and UK, that look so gay-friendly and progressive from our perspective.

  7. Hi Sasha, just saw your performance on Moldova Are Talent, what did the judges say? And why did you not perform one of your own songs? Well done, by the way.

  8. I can't believe that Sasha's been overlooked for another year in Moldova! Especially when three of the songs have also been accepted in Lithuania!

    I'd ask for another chance, Sasha, as there can't be anyone as committed to the cause as you!