Saturday, 25 January 2014

Italy 2014 - Emma Marrone - La Mia Città

Breaking the precedent set by the last three years of Sanremo-based selections, Italy have jumped the gun and declared their singer and their song uncharacteristically early. Mind you, when it's someone as potentially good as Emma Marrone why wouldn't you?

The song itself crept out this morning, and is a chunky little mid tempo pop rocker, just dripping with Emma's husky voice from start to finish. She claims it's influenced by 80s rock, but it's got more of the feel of that Pink lass when she really lets rip.

It's not a world beater, but it's the kind of song that only really sounds good if performed by an Italian - and as a former Sanremo winner shouldn't be daunted by the big stage come May. I'm not feeling it as a winner of the whole caboodle, but it should keep the left-hand side of the scoreboard pretty busy come big Saturday.

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