Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Germany 2014 - Hellgreaser - Bloody Moonlight Dance

Another gem from the German wildcard round, and this time from the punk category - a well that I could tap every day from now until May with stuff I like, so be prepared for a long stretch of racket.

Today's worthy contenders are Hellgreaser - a bloodied smear of aged horror punks who clearly have more than a few old Misfits bootlegs hiding beneath their leather keks. (For the unpunk among you The Misfits are that band you'll see on t-shirts being worn by people who, for the most part, don't even know they were a band. A bit like Motorhead, The Ramones and One Direction.)

Now I may mock the Greasers for their slightly borrowed Glenn Danzig wail, but I'd sure as heck be happy enough if we had a song like this in the UK selection process! So good luck to you boys - I hope you make the cut!

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  1. Lovely! Especially if I imagine all those enraged fanboys, spitting hate at the NDR for choosing some grumpy old punks over their favorite babyfaced popster. Now that'd be just too funny! :)
    (And yes, I'd spit hate too, hadn't I've been too damn lazy to crawl through the thousands of entries to find my personal babyfaced popster.)

  2. Nice Comment :) Go Hellgreaser gooo :D

  3. I'll try and dig one out for you, Aufy baby!