Thursday 9 December 2021

Estonia 2022 - Meisterjaan - Vahel Lihtsalt

(Click here if you can't see the video panel above for the curious fun times…) 

We were really hoping that this season's extended Eesti Laul competition would be a return to the bold and brave of days gone by, rather than the bland beige blancmange that it's recently become. Sadly we've had little such luck up to now, and the only song with any real life in it so far has been our old mate Meisterjaan here.

But where Unemati was creepy and unsettling, and Parmupillihullus was gloriously bonkers in the nut, Vahel Lihtsalt (Sometimes Just) is more of a think piece that only really works if you understand Estonia's beautiful moon language - although apparently it didn't even work there, as it couldn’t drag its way into the favoured five of a ten song contest.

And that's a shame, because in a competition that's generally stuffed with lyrics that sound like real sentences to non-English speakers but don't actually make any narrative sense, a song that includes the line "Vital depletion, Degradation, An approximation that will soon be armageddon, Master's diction emotionless ejaculation, Sometimes it's just like that" would have been a most welcome unhinged addition.

The boy swings a fabulous broom too!

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  1. Well... I'm sure he's a lovely guy. But it's just not for me. It seems amateurish and not intelligent enough... I'm sure the concept was clear in his mind. Shame it wasn't executed...