Monday, 15 March 2021

Malta 2021 - Destiny - Je Me Casse

Ooh now Malta, what have you gone and done now! This year as each new song has ticked by we've been inclined to think "Yeah, that's not bad - we're in for a good year here" but nothing had given us the germs of truly winning potential. Until this afternoon. It's almost as if Destiny has sucked up all the scraps from the returning artists who weren't quite as good as they were last time, mixed them all up into a pot and cast them into this little thing of bountiful wonder.

It's upbeat, positive and effortlessly full of character where others are trying just that little bit to hard. And we all know what a likeable and capable performer our Destiny is too. If we were Maltese we'd be getting just a little bit excited right now. We were on the island the first time they held Junior and the place nearly exploded with delight then. Who knows what would happen if they bagged the senior gong too.

Of course, there's going to be all sorts of bumps in the road between now and then, with shows to be built and reputations to be damaged - and of course who knows if Belarus haven't got a surprise belter up their sleeve (Clue: they probably haven't) - so it's still too early to call. But if this doesn't finish in at least the top five come May we'll either be incredibly surprised, or something that none of us saw coming has pulled something incredible out of the bag.

So no pressure, Destiny girl. None at all.


  1. Hi! This isn't related to Destiny, though I think she's my favorite (feeling a bit disloyal to Tusse though ;-) ). I'm just wondering if you have a Facebook page, Twitter, etc. LOVE this blog - it is SO much fun!!

  2. Awww cheers Amy!

    Thanks for the kind words! You can find me on Twitter on @ ESCApocalypse, but it's mostly just me having a grumble outside of Eurovision season!

    Pop by and say hello!