Monday, 26 November 2018

Latvia 2019 - Waterflower - Grow

It's been a slow November, but finally Latvia have treated us to all their Supernova long-listers in one big chunk - which should keep us busy on here for the next few days at least - oh yes there's some Latvian treats on offer for sure!

And while there's a lot of old familiar faces on show (and surely this will finally Markus Riva's turn - not that his song is any good, of course, but you know, long service medal and all that).

But what you really want from Supernova is a minimal bit of techno with a gothy tinge by a terrifying woman with flowers in her colourful hair. Oh yes, and we've got one of those straight off the bat. So ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to this year's Supernova superhero - Waterflower!

(As it happens I really like this one, but you possibly won't. You may have to watch it twice to believe what you've actually just seen, mind).

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  1. So our sofa is split, apparently. Nick is intrigued (yeah, but also a bit hungover due to a fantastic Bulgarian night-out last night) whereas I am utterly bewildered. I mean.... copying Netta's style badly and not pulling it off, plus the non-melody uttered has left me incredibly cold. Does she think she's being innovative? Because we've seen this a million times. And done properly. It's a no from me.