Thursday, 20 September 2018

Switzerland 2019 - Tommaso Giacopini - Mi Hai Detto Ama

More from the Italian Swiss hopefuls - and this one has really got under my skin over the last few days. What starts off sounding a bit like a bit of bedroom-produced outsider hip hop slowly but surely ramps up the understated atmosphere, and by the end I was hanging off his every word - even though I didn't have the foggiest clue what any of the words actually meant.

His poignant high-pitched voice shared his pain perfectly, with the syllables coming in machine gun clumps under his edgy, skittish delivery - kind of like those talky songs about lost loves in youth that old boys do so well at Sanremo, only sped up a bit.

The best bits are where the minimal beats drop out, and he's left pouring out his poor heart with nothing but studio air surrounding him. And when the robotty voice comes in to briefly recalibrate the tone, it's almost a relief to rest him from his anguish for a moment.

This is clearly going nowhere - but who cares. This haunting little workout is going to stay with me for much longer than most of the songs that qualify for the final in May.


  1. First, my RSS Feeder works again and this flagged up immediately!

    You listened to this for two minutes longer than I did initially - it is something, isn't it? To be honest, I don't think that any of this year's RSI intake will make it to Tel Aviv and if they do, Switzerland can definitely arrange flights out the morning after their SF!

  2. OMG he's much younger than I thought he was. Well, he looks much younger anyway. I hated this from the moment I heard it. Am I basic? maybe a little, but I'm sorry, the Casio drums and his screechy voice just did not agree with my breakfast.

  3. I wouldn't say basic, you just know what you like - and this ain't it!