Friday, 23 September 2016

Ukraine 2017 - Alex Angel & Victoria Ahadova - Song For Lovers

I think we've found ourselves a new hero. Not only is young Alex here the lead singer of noted Ukrainian metallists Black Angels, he's also got form on a whole load of casting shows, and is currently in dispute with his home nation's version of X Factor regarding a spot of alleged corruption and contract irregularity.

And what's more, he appears to be entering his entire repertoire into Eurovision this year!

After yesterday's spot of cod metal, we've just uncovered this actually-almost-decent tune that's reminiscent of some of Sparks's more less heard rocky output in the eighties, and some of that dirty London sleaze rock of the nineties.

One assumes that the poor lad is going nowhere near his national final. But that's a shame, because he's weaving pure Apocalypse gold with each new tune! Just don't watch his videos when you're Nan's in the room or you're at work, OK!


  1. Alex Angel - Song For Lovers on Vevo:
    Alex Angel & Victoria Ahadova in reality TV-shows (10 sweet kisses in 1 show):

  2. I think the acronym you are looking for is NSFW ;)

    Although having said that, I'm starting to become desensitised by this third example of scantily clad ladies lol

    It's virtually the same video with a different song, isn't it? :)

    I have to say that this song is actually the best one so far and actually bears listening to without the pictures!

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  3. Martin, there are 6 beautiful ladies in 5 music videos (different songs about love):
    1. Alex Angel - Rock'n'roll tonight
    2. Alex Angel - Love Tonight
    3. Alex Angel - Song For Lovers
    4. Alex Angel - Running For Love
    5. Alex Angel - Lesbian Love
    You can check them all on Vevo: