Wednesday, 30 December 2015

UK 2016 - Rainbow Orbit - Genuine

A few of the UK's rejected tunes are beginning to sneak out. For the most part they're pretty much what you'd expect from 75% of the Swiss hopefuls at this point - either earnest acoustic guitar whackers, or limp Europop try-hards. But there is the occasional spot of fun to be found between the creases.

Like Rainbow Orbit here. I'm still not sure if this moderately OK bedroom nonsense, or a work of charmed and charming near genius. To be honest I think it's a mix of the two. As a song it's serviceable, decently-performed yet not terribly memorable. But it's the performance here that makes it just that little bit more fun.  But it also throws up so many questions:

Did the lady on the right refuse to wear her comedy onesie in a pop star strop? Is there always a disco light in their garage bin store? (in which case we'll be round for New Years) Did no one think that leaving the camera on autofocus when opening a garage door would lead to all kinds of wobbly visual issues? But the main question that's sitting on many of our lips is... Eh?

Nice work though The Orbit. We want to see more from you. One expects that you could become moderately popular on these modest pages in years to come. 


  1. Challenge accepted!
    The next big budget video is "in production" (give me another 20 minutes) as we speak

  2. Good work, Phil! This time next year can't come around soon enough!

    Don't forget to share it with us! (But not before 1 Sept, obv!)

    Cheers for getting in touch!

  3. Hi... I am the lady on the right... Explanation: "recent 'new' doctor visit explained how obese I was" .. So figured no onsie would ever fit me... Phil McNulty has been slowly rebuilding my confidence.... He is ..... Genuine

  4. Excellent. That's one question answered. And Indo,oike a concept behind a song. However, you may be surprised at just how roomy many of today's onesies are. Hope that helps!