Friday 28 October 2011

Switzerland 2012 - Carlos Santoo feat Laila – Siesta Girl

You can always expect a few freakazoid efforts when a national selection process is open to everyone, but there have been few (outside of Moldova, at least) that have proved as creepy and moderately molestoid as this little gem.

Witness as the slightly seedy Mr Santoo, a resident of the out-of-the-way Swiss border town of Buchs (Leichtenstein is only a hork and a spit away), prowls around his back garden in a badly-washed dressing gown, trying to lure the unsuspecting Laila into his bed. It's like some kind of a sexed up snuff video, only with a slightly worse soundtrack!

Videos from YouTube. Underlying © lays with the owners of the clips.


  1. Thera are two cities named "Buchs" in Switzerland, you hit the wrong one. Beside this, I totally agree...

    Postman from Buchs/AG

  2. Curses!

    Thanks for the local info, my postie chum. What's the other Buchs like? Equally as frightening?

  3. Aren't there any laws against snuff... I mean... stuff like this... ???