Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Australia 2016 - Dami Im - The Sound Of Silence

Hello darkness, my old friend... It's still early, yet a tasty teaser for the Australian song just slipped out - and it's sounding promising. It's a few short seconds of moody build up, and unless the Aussies have gone uber high concept it stops at exactly the point that you think it's going to hit big - but it's still pretty interesting all the same.

Slowly, moody instrumentation grows, while the lass herself walks around a massive darkened building like she's part of a car advert. The clip's title suggests power ballad, so could we be in for a rare treat this year?

Of course, none of what we hear is necessarily part of the finished song, but they're doing the full reveal later on today, so we'll keep you informed as and when.


We've heard a minute now, and it's more of a stompy contemporary R'n'B ballad than anything especially epic. Top ten challenger, but nothing much more from what we now know. 

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  1. Here's the finished article -

    And a thought for you - she mentions FaceTime in the second line. A need for an immediate change in lyrics to avoid the EBU's non-advertising edict (as per Google Maps for 'Cheesecake' and Facebook for 'The Facebook Song')?