Sunday, 6 March 2016

Czech Republic 2016 - Thom Artway - Blind Man

Mutterings are reaching me from my shadowy music business connections that THIS could be the as-yet unmentioned Czech entry for this year's Eurovision. I have nothing much more concrete to go on than mere wisps of suggestions, but Thom's name was being bandied about before Christmas as a possible likelihood, and this would indeed be a very interesting addition to this increasingly unfathomable year.

Schlager fans be warned, this has guitars. Kind of imagine Douwe Bob if he wasn't channeling his inner Van Morrison pub covers act, or any of the jangly shuffles of the last few years - only with a tad more integrity.

On one listen I'm rather taken with this, so I do rather hope that this tittle tattle is true. Absolutely no idea how it would do on the big night, mind - what a year!

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