Monday, 7 March 2016

Macedonia 2016 - Kaliopi - Dona

There's a fella been going round the Eurovision forums claiming that the whole of Eurovision has been organised around giving our gal Kaliopi a guaranteed win. His evidence, despite being slightly barking and conspiratorial, is still fairly compelling, and unless it's one big complicated in joke from someone having a bit of a lark, it had left us looking forward to tonight's big reveal all the more.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. While Dutchess K is a reliable old bird, the song is somewhat lacking of her usual delightful bombast, plodding along quite nicely without ever really tipping over i to the epic.

It doesn't help that the video makes it look like she's riding an unseen surfing simulator in a big posh theatre. We like Kaliopi here at Apocalypse Towers, and we'll love seeing her about in Stockholm, but I think that we can reasonably assume that we won't be planning our trips South East around this time next year. Shame. 


  1. I love those conspiracy theories. In 2014, one guy was certain that the UK was being set up for a win, due to Molly being given the "pimp slot". Evidently the dark conspiratorial forces didn't take into consideration how terrified she'd look when presented with that chocolate cake.

  2. Are you dissing Queen Kaliopi? That's bad karma karma karma karma karma … but I've said way too much.