Friday, 4 March 2016

Montenegro 2016 - Highway - The Real Thing

Now we're talking Finally a song for us more left-handed ESC fans to enjoy in its own right. But how shall we describe it. Fankind is already struggling to find the language to explain it, and it's almost immediately being derided as the worst thing in the contest ever only three minutes into its Eurovision career.

Let's have a try though. It's certainly the most riff-laden song in ESC history, most reminiscent of the stoner rock of bands like Clutch and Gonga. But it's still got a delightful pop edge, and a hint of South East European chords. So shall we settle for Stoner Pop Rock? 

They've certainly coined a new genre - especially in this contest. Almost no one else in Eurovisionia is going to enjoy this, but sod 'em. It's always nice to have one to enjoy among yourself and your cool non-Eurovision mates. It's not going to qualify in a million years, but we'll have a lark while it's trying!

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  1. There are actually two legitimate rock songs this year, its amazing. Of course all the Eurovish fans have them posted last, but I, as one of the five rock/metal/punk fans who also likes Eurovision, am very happy.